6 students to the prey of the sex teacher! It is a transformation teacher who is excited in the figure that is suspended in the steel tower and expels without being able to stand up. It is a devil teacher who eats the student naked and makes the dish make the meal, and it eats the meal while eating it. Both hands hanging from the ceiling and blinking! I wash the washing scissors sandwiched between my body by whip! It is restrained by the opening of the counter on the reverse table, and the heat blame by the light bulb! It is the current blame by the low frequency massager. The torture teacher who throws wax in the vagina that opened in Cuzco in the bathtub blame in the bathroom. The water of the stream was enema and opened the mouth. Candle blame in the field! Banana, long potatoes and eggs into the asoco of the restrained student! Take a bondage to the waterfall and take water! The devil teacher who stabs the injection needle to the body of the student restrained to the table. The buttocks of the student who stabbed the needle to the buttocks in the bathroom are inversely like a mountain! Take the outdoors and enema to the spanking! It is a villainy teacher who burns carrot, leek, ginger, zucchini and student's anal! All acts and plays in this work are fully explanatory to the performers, and we understand and understand them.

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